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Achieve unrivalled event promotion, association,
and coverage with TelcoTitans Eventwatch

TelcoTitans Eventwatch is the only industry insight channel dedicated to covering telco and digital infra events, and is read and trusted by over 25k leaders and insiders.

Our Eventwatch team delivers event impact, driving wider engagement through standout coverage and providing unrivalled promotional opportunities that reach senior telecom and digital infra influencers and decision makers.

This gives you standout content, marketing and follow-up to last the full cycle, not just days. We can also work on your own events, including awareness and recruitment.

Editorial & Custom Content Marketing

Exclusive, compelling coverage with lasting long-tail Google SEO

Highest-quality organic editorial content

Opportunity to maximise thought and domain leadership, incl. executive interviews

Content marketing options, incl. featured, assisted and commissioned content

Options for pre-, live- and post-event content and activity

Association & Promotion

Targeting the 99%+ of industry decision-makers and influencers who can’t get to an event (as well as those there)
Providing marketers with a unique promotional platform and reach — amplifying event value
Associate and align advertising and brand/logo sponsorship with event, domain and coverage

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